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Welcome to the homepage of the Centennial Bulb, the Longest burning Light Bulb in history. Now in its 115th year of illumination. For those of you coming here for the first time, feel free to explore the pages of our amazing little bulb, with pictures, stories, facts, and history.

As years go, the Bulb has had a quiet one this year. There have been the steady flow of visitors, occassional film crews, and reporters. The new display case below, and the constant work of the Firefighters. There was one thing though. A New Bulbcam! A Sony was put up and is now sending out pictures twice as big, sharp, and clear! Thank you Don Peters.

We Celebrated the One Million Hour Party in 2015! As in 2001, and 2011, the Centennial Light Bulb reached another milestone of 1,000,000 hours! Good times were had by all at Fire Station 6 in Livermore, CA with food, fun, and history in the making. Click 1 Million Hours Bulb to see a web page showing the day. Also click here Bulbcam page to see the party from the Bulb's perspective.

Over the past 3 years several film crews stopped by to film our bulb for documentaries and movies. Dick Jones was on hand for a few of these and you can see the behind the scenes shots he took if you follow these links.

At last an answer to the most often asked question about the Bulb!(Next to why is it still burning). The question being, how much did the Bulb cost when it was sold? You can find the answer by following this link to an advertisement page I aquired of the Lockwood, Luetkemeyer, and Henry Co Catalog.

At the beginning of 2014; Livermore has officially taken the Bulb under it's wing, and plans are under way to create a new display under the Bulb, and on the wall, a new look at the Bulbcam, and a re-invention of this website. Stay tuned for lots of changes.

Sandia National Labs California, in their efforts to help us understand, has broken a 30W Shelby bulb. Stay tunned for the details of what they found.

The Bulb is Still Alive! After being Off for over 10 hours on the morning of May 20, 2013, Retired Asst. Chief Tom Bramell called the Station Captain and bypassed the UPS generator, and it Worked! See some pictures of the Bulb off on the Bulbcam page.
To see the story by Juliette Goodrich, go to World's Longest Running Lightbulb Goes Out In Livermore.

The webmaster of the committee stopped by the museum, at NFWHS, in Fort Worth, Texas, to see the
world famous Palace Bulb, and it's committee!!! Please follow this link to see pictures.

Chris Leps has copies of the movie Century of Light available at www.christopherleps.com!!
But more importantly he has a new movie in production named Muse.

Our intrepid photographer Dick Jones has just made his first book named Aerial Photography, and is in the process of making another based on his mothers poetry, soon to be released.

Juliett Goodrich has also released a new children's book named I Am Special Because I Smile, which is about the Special Olympics.

A new unique Shelby Light Bulb was found sealed in a wall of Adolph Chailett's home in Shelby, Ohio!!!
Please follow this link to Tom Clabaugh's page,
A light from our distant past.
Or go to the articles page to read the Shelby Globe,
as donated by Tom Sutter, an old Shaggy Shelbian.

A few newer pages you might find of interest are:

Bulb Books!

by Nolan, Bramell, & Goodrich


Click to purchase the movie in English.

Click here to see behind the scenes of the movie and find it in other languages.

Brought to you by the Centennial Light Bulb Committee,
a partnership of:
Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department,
Livermore Heritage Guild,
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories,
and Sandia National Laboratories.

To meet us, and see our quiet 112th celebration
click the thumbnail above.

Click the poster to purchase the movie.

Click here to see behind the scenes of the movie.

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Livermore Fire Dept. 1967

If you'd like to see it firsthand come to: Fire Station #6
4550 East Ave.
Livermore, CA

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