Ever since I became familiar with the centennial bulb I thought it would be fun to have my own. So one day on ebay I found one of the original vintage as that in the firehouse. After that I found 3 more different ones. I have been in contact with Sally Maier about them and she has been verifying them for me. I hope you enjoy them.

Shelby "Y-Ray"

This is my favorite and rarest bulb I found on eBay. According to Sally it is the same vintage and make as the Centennial bulb. I have it glowing in my house, ready to give the famous bulb a run for longevity, give or take a hundred years.

Antique Drop Light

I put this Shelby Bulb in a drop cage similar to the cord hanging in the firehouise, and with the same cage like Prof. Chailetts daughter is holding. I use this in my talks about the Bulb, and let folks hold it andd get thier pictures with it.

Antique Cobalt Blue Shelby Light

This is a very rare bulb I found on eBay. I am not sure why it has the blue coloring, but it is very pretty, and a pleasure to behold.

Tungsten Filament MAZDA Lamp

This is a tungsten filament MAZDA lamp made by Shelby with the familiar diamond shaped paper identifying label. It has a clear glass with the tip on top, and is Very bright. According to Tim Tromp this was used in the home for general illumination.

Frosted MAZDA Lamp

This is another MAZDA bulb, but frosted on top. Like all my bulbs it was a rare find on eBay. According to Tim Tromp this was also used in the home for general illumination. The half
frosted lamp is technically known as a bowl-frosted lamp. This lamp was intended to be burned base up with a reflector that projected the light back downward. The frosted bowl of the lamp reduced undesirable glare while still allowing light to shine up towards the reflector.

1909 Double Coil

This is a slightly older bulb, which even came in the original wrapper. It states Shelby's patents up to 1909. It is slightly smaller than the "Y" bulb, and narrower, but just as bright. It also has the tip.

Shelby Electric Co 1905 Invoice

This is an original invoice from the Shelby Electric Co. from 1905. I found this on eBay from a seller, cheapletterhead, in Dayton, Ohio, not far from Shelby.

Lockwood, Luetkemeyer, and Henry Co Catalog

I don't know how many times I was asked this question, "How much did the Shelby Bulb cost in 1912?". At last a definitive answer for everyone! I just purchased these pages on eBay that were from a hardware catalog during that time period, about 100 years ago. Low and behold there are prices for the Shelby Bulbs.

So, as you can see, the basic Shelby Bulb, like the 60W Centennial Bulb, was sold to the public for 40 cents, verses the standard 60W oval bulb which was 38 cents. According to the Inflation Calculator it would be $9.59 in 2014. Bulbs were not cheap in 1912, but compared to the oval $9.11.

For colors you can see above you had to icrease the cost shown above.

The more expensive bulbs were the 60W Mazda at $2.20 which is $52.76!

LLH Catalog Pages (Not all Shelby)

These are original pages from the Lockwood, Luetkemeyer, and Henry Co. Catalog from 1912-1918. There was no date on this, but Gary Stadden of Wooster, Ohio, thinks it was close to 1918 from other items in the catalog, but Shelby Electric Co. closed it's doors in 1913, so it was all around this time period. Thank you Gary for these pages!

For a few more shots please visit my smugmug site.

If you enjoyed my collection, and would like to share yours please feel
free to send your shots and you'll be included in the site.


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