The old webcam has been replaced.
We now have a live feed of the Centennial Bulb.
Click image below for a larger view

Watch this Ani-gif to see the 1 Million hour party from the Bulb's view.
(Credit to Sue Bunn for saving snaps)

Here is a picture of the Bulb as it was out for 9 3/4 hours on 5/20/2013. Click on the image to see 9 Bulbcam pictures, or a gif of the sequence.

Pictures saved from the 2011 party.

To see a few other saved shots, from the first camera, a captured moment with the Bulbs sister, and a few shots of the New Bulbcam from the "Other side", click here.

The webcam is brought to you courtesy of the Cities of Livermore, and Pleasanton.

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Centennial Light

Fire Station #6


Celebration 2001

Celebration 2011

Celebration 2015

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