Kevin Gunn

Kevin is the current Poet Laurette for Livermore, CA and wrote a poem entitled "Beacon". To see the video of the reading, or see the poem in text click on the title.

Cher Wollard

Cher was at the Old Firehouse Mural dedication in 2010, and shared her poem "This Wall" with us. To read the poem in text click on the title.

A Little Light

Since 1902 there's only been one
A mighty little light of one
It hung in the firehouse way down low
Firemen would prepare in its' 4 watt glow
Oftren tapping it as a good luck charm
Believing it would keep them from any harm
At one hundred years it still lights the way
What would make a light ehave that way
Now lasting longer than the company that made it
Firefighters moved it out of the way to save it
At 880,000 hours its well on its' way
To be there when Jesus comes back some day
Next time you're in California visit Livermore
Pay tribute to the light that burns forever more
So as you can tell, for firemen do it right
It dosen't take a lot of money, just a little light

To Deputy Fire Chief Tom Bramell and crew
Congratulations on a long history of traditions
and to think it all started with a little light

Poetic Images
Jeff & Carol Williams
July 1901

A Haiku

by Phaedra Loftis

Lightbulb always on
A calm beacon to many
Shining so brightly

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