Cosima Dannoritzer

Photos by Dick Jones

In June of 2009, I was contacted by Cosima of Mediapro, (based in Barcelona, Spain), about a documentary she is working on about the ever-shrinking lifespan of consumer products.. This film will feature stories from the US, Germany, France and Spain and be shown in several European countries plus Australia. The pictures you see below were taken as her team filmed firemen, and members of the bulb committee. I for one, had a great visit with them, sharing my personal antique bulb collection, and enjoyed the filming!

In the US you can buy The Light Bulb Conspiracy here:

And the French and German versions are available here, under the titles Prêt à jeter / Kaufen für die Müllhalde:

Spanish version (Comprar, tirar, comprar):

Poster in English

Press Still

To see all the pictures taken during the day follow the link to Dick Jone's smugmug.

Click here to see Joan Ubeda's visit earlier in the year.

To see the movie in Spanish click here.

or the website click here.

Cosima invites you to join her Facebook page which she checks:

The film has been sold to nearly 40 countries by now so there are probably
other language versions around.

Dick Jones also found these online articles for me;

Pyramids of Waste

The Light Bulb Conspiracy



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