Historically the light was donated to the Livermore Fire Department to allow the volunteers to see thier equipment at night, and has since become a symbol of the endurance and brave fortitude of these extraordinary fire fighters who protect our homes and lives.This page is dedicated to you all!

Station 6

Please follow the link below to learn about Livermore/Pleasanton Fire Station 6. You'll see a quick tour, some pictures of practice fire fighting, and read some of their quotes about the bulb.

Marque #1

Old Station Tours

Please follow the link below to learn about Livermore Fire Stations where the bulb has shined. You'll see a quick tour by the Chairman, and retired Fire Chief Lynn Owens.

Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Fiighters Foundation IAFF

Please follow this link to see our local fire fighters in action, and help support them by purchasing some great Bulb souveniers.

International Firemen Quotes

Please follow this link to the quotes from firemen all around the country and the world.

Please follow this link below to some of the patches and thier links of all who sent them in.


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