Thank You, Steve!


A Note of Thanks!

Steve Bunn, a member of the Centennial Light Bulb Committee and webmaster for resigned from the committee when he retired and moved out of state several years ago. Though he is across the country, Steve stays in contact with committee members and communicates with people who have contacted him regarding Centennial bulb.

At the inception of the committee, Steve was instrumental in the development of the website and suggested putting a webcam on the bulb to show the world that the light was on 24 hours a day. What Steve and the committee accomplished was to share the special longevity of this light with the world.

During one of the committee meetings before its 100-year celebration Steve asked what we should call the website. A few names were tossed around and then Steve suggested we call it the Centennial Light Bulb.

In the fire station under the light there has always been a Guest Book for visitors to comment about the light. Steve created the same on the website for visitors to sign a Guest Book. Since it was created we have been able to respond to thousands of visitors.

We owe a debt of gratitude for Steve’s service on the website and the many unseen actions by him surrounding the Centennial Bulb.

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