Sally's Corner

I've been in contact with Sally Maier, curator of the Shelby Museum, who is keeping me posted on the Museum back in Shelby, Ohio, and I will post her info here.

May 6, 2010

Yours truely, the webmaster, took a trip this summer to Ohio to visit family, and Shelby! I was fortunate enough to spend a few days visiting Sally and the museum. Please follow this link to see the pictures I took of not only Shelby Bulbs, but of an amazing assortment of historical photos, clothes, and products from companies long gone.


Sept. 12, 2006

I just received a large (200) watt Shelby light bulb from a career army man retired ,who has carried this bulb all over where he was stationed in the U.S.A. , Japan and Hawaii. He now lives in Arkansas and found the museum web page, e-mailed me , then donated the Shelby bulb to our museum.The name Shelby is acid etched on the glass near the base and on the base are two patents above each other . Nov. 8, 1904 and Nov. 22,1904 It is larger than the ones we have at the museum, and the ONLY one we have with the dates of patents.. It is exciting to have bulbs like the one you found and the one we just received that are still able to be turned on and see them come to "life" after all these years. Just had to share this good news
with you.

I do not have the bulb on at the museum, but I did turn it on to see if it worked, which it did. & it got too hot too fast so I shut it off.

Oct. 8, 2006

Please Click on pictures to enlarge them

Tom Clabaugh brought his camera to the museum & took pictures of the bulb that was sent back "home" to Shelby, so I could send it to you.


Tribute to
Professor Adolphe A. Chaillet


Shelby Things

Shelby Spare

Shelby Fire Dept

Hi to Liv from Sally

Shelby's Tractor

Shelby Museum

Shelby Employees 1900

Shelby Factory 1900

Greetings from Liv1

Greetings from Liv2

Greetings from Liv3

Postcard with Shelby Light

Flyer circa 1897

Thank you Tim Tromp of Kilokats for the Postcard & Flyer!

Hi fron Mary
Visit from Spare Bulb

Collectors Corner

Mary Grooms

Ever since I met Mary Grooms, and tested out her "Sister Bulb" I've wanted one for myself, and according to Sally I found one on eBay and have started a little collection of Shelby bulbs.

Tim Tromps Shelby Collection

Steve's Shelby Collection

To any of you collectors out there, if you have any photos or Shelby info please feel free to write in and it will be posted here.

Shelby Bulb Annapolis Test

A Series of tests are being conducted at Annapolis by Professor Debora M. Katz of Annapolis Physics Department. Please follow this link to see the results so far.

Shelby Bulb Sandia Labs Test

A Series of tests conducted at Sandia by Doctor Bernice E. Mills. Please follow this link to see the results.

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