The City of Livermore
 Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department
Livermore Chamber of Commerce
 The Livermore Heritage Guild

Shelby Ohio Museum of History

(Birth place of the Bulb)

Sandia National Laboratories/California
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Livermore
 S.F. Chronicle

This includes the tri-Valley Herald, Oakland Tribune, and Hayward daily Review

 Bay Area Newsgroup

Livermore Independant
Guiness World Records
Ripley's Believe It or Not!
National Geographic Society
Attache Magazine for US Airways
Smithsonian Institution
Wheels, our local
bus service

Energy Quest

Calif State
Energy Services
R J Aerial Photography
DeKalb Co Life
(Barry Shrader)
Bunn Graphics

Friends of the Bulb

Tim Tromps :
Kilokat's Antique Light Bulb Site

New Zealand

ABC News Radio
(They have a link to us on thier Useful Links page)
World’s Longest Burning Lightbulb.


Livermore’s Centennial Light
Longest-Burning Bulb On Record - 1 Century!

Old Light Bulb

Dim Bulb


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