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Earlier this year, the city of Livermore announced that they would be looking for bids for a new mural to be painted on the wall of the old Livermore Firehouse on First St. So an announcement of a competition went out to the local mural artists. Out of several entries, the city decided there was one painting that captured the history and spirit of this building. The winning artist was Vera Lowdermilk. Vera and Kean Butterfield had dreamed of doing a mural together for years, and now their opportunity was here.

The work of transferring the design was a meticulous job of putting the outlines of each scene, fire engine, and figure. Then Vera and Kean worked their magic, using special blends of latex house paints they carefully fleshed everything out, one stroke at a time. All that you see on the wall was carefully researched down to the gold leaf decor on the fire engines, to the faces of the firemen used on the pull cart. Not to mention the inspiration to paint the flag over the electrical box. ...and of course the Centennial Bulb.

The original painting by Vera is still proudly displayed in city hall. You are encouraged to come and see the mural for yourself at the corner of First and Macleod St in Livermore, and bring yourself back to a time when community, parades, and family was treasured. Thank you Vera, and Kean!

VERA LOWDERMILK loves painting. With an artist father, she was allowed to paint on her room wall at 4 years old in Conneticut and at 15 years a 10x10 of John Lennon. Since 1995 she has focused on decorative murals. She is currently painting in S.F.'s inner city, zen gardens with multicultural art references. If another contest comes up on the adjacent wall she will be in the running. Follow her at .

KEAN BUTTERFIELD has been painting since he was a child. Coming from an artistic family he was inspired at 8, to paint realistic historic mural on his bedroom wall. He won second place in Calif. for a newspaper illustration of the soccer coach, while at Chabot College. Kean was also chosen for Honorable mention of his portfolio at S.J. State. Rick Guidice, the NASA illustrator, selected him. He painted more murals than can be listed here at various places from Hollywood to San Francisco, some as large as 50'.

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