a Visit from the Spare

These are a few shots we collected from the visit of Mary Grooms on Friday August 10, 2001. (Please click thumbnails to enlarge)

BulbCam Capture

Photos by Steve Bunn & Tim Sage

Mary's Story In Her Own Words

I do believe that I have one of the BULBS that came from the Fire Station at First and McLeod, and or the Hose Cart House. The bulb is handblown with no manufacturers markings, it does have a gold sticker
on it towards the top of the bulb, Shelby Electric Company.

I live in Colorado now, but grew up in Livermore and graduated from Livermore High in 1966, my parents lived in Livermore for over 15 years. My dad was involved with CB Radio Clubs, Civil Air Patrol and quite a few years with Chuck, fireman at the Tracy fire dept. I'm sure he did things with the Livermore Fire Dept. also. They moved from Livermore in 1980, to Albuq. N.M. I believe he acquired the bulb sometime in 1975 or 1976, when they still lived in Livermore.

My dad was a collector of all kinds of things. They moved from Albuq. NM in 1994 to Minnesota so my dad could be closer to his brother. At
that time is when I acquired the bulb from my parents, it was in some boxes he didn't take in the move, and he had me come from Colorado to New Mexico to get them. Over the years you go through the boxes save some things and throw away some, I knew the light bulb had some special meaning, by the news articles he had with it.


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