by Keven Gunn

Livermore boasts a light bulb

that would make Tom Bodette jealous

the Energizer Bunny couldn’t compete

with our incandescent icon

114 years

a million hours

this bulb possesses

other-worldly powers

first installed in 1901

you’d think by now

its job would be done

but somehow

it shines on and on

a centennial-busting


a hand blown bulb

of 60 watts

it has lit up the confines

of multiple spots

moved four times

it has shared its glow

this luminous legend

has been on the go

fire stations have been bathed

in its light

enlightened longeivity

a supernatural sight

as dependable as the stations

it serves

it receives the recognition

it well deserves

you can visit this bulb

and survey its history

take in the aura

that has become its mystery

Livermore isn’t that far away

so take a day

follow the route

we promise not

to turn the light out

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