Station 6 Photo Gallery

We offer our thanks to the outstanding Men & Women who serve our community in the Fire Fighters Association, and especially those at Station Number 6. You provide such an invaluable sevice to us all, and can never be thanked enough for your temendous efforts and sacrifices on our behalf.

For fun, join us on a quick tour around Fire Station #6. If you look really close on the 2nd photo in the upper left corner, you can see the Centennial Light, 20 feet off the floor.

Of historical interest, if you notice the Bell in the front of the station, it is of the same vintage as the light bulb, and had the nickname of "Burglar Bell", as it was rung not only to activate the Volunteer Fire Brigade, but to sound curfew every evening. If you were found wandering the streets after it rang, you'd find yourself in jail the next morning.

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Photos by Dick Jones

Bay, holds 3 deep, 3 wide

Bay to left from rear

Parking lot in rear

Front right full

Front Bay doors #1

Front Bay doors #2

Marque #1

Marque #2

Front full left

Burglar Bell #1

Burglar Bell #2

Guest Book

NSGW Plaque to Station #1

Jack B. Baird Plaque, 1st Chief

Disney Tribute in break room

Patches from other fire stations

Plaque from City of Livermore
Yosemite Sam in break room


Centennial Light

Brought to you courtesy of Sandia National Laboratory.

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