Station 6


Marque #1

If you click the thumbnail above you can see a small tour
of the station from 5 years ago. Someday I would like to include
a tour by one of the shifts on a typical day around the station,
including a tour of the lightbulb and safety tips.

Photos of Practice Fires

Please follow the link below to the photo section
of the firemen at work, practicing fire fighting techniques.

Station 6 Quotes

-Lynn Owens Retired Division Chief
Centennial Light Chairman

"It's kind of a break in this hubbub world," he said. "It keeps doing its job, never fusses on anybody, asks for a raise or goes on strike. And it never purposely draws attention to itself." Owens doesn't believe the bulb will die out any time soon. "It'll probably burn another 100 years," he said.


"Sometimes when people come to look at it I'm sure they just think: wow, is that all there is?" said Owens. "But once you start reflecting on this little old dingy light bulb hanging there, you realise it is still doing the same job it's been doing for 100 years."


"The 4-watt bulb was given to the department in 1901 and has served as a nightlight over the trucks ever since"

"When they come, and they look, they almost say, "Is that all there is?"


A Radio Broadcast from CNN
All things Considered NPR


"May it keep shining for another 101!" at 101st B-day Lunch

Rtrd Chief LPFD Stewart Gary

"Nobody wants that darn bulb to go out on their watch," Gary
declared. SF Examiner

Rtrd Dpt Chief LPFD Tom Bramell

"It used to hang down low in the station. And so you'd walk by and swat the bulb. And as it hung down a long cord, you'd just watch it swing back and forth, trying to hit it with Nerf footballs and see who could hit it,"

Rtrd Fire Inspector Randy Griffith

"Everybody is keenly aware of the bulb's signigicance and we
regard it as more than a department mascot," said Fire Inspector
Randy Griffith, who comes in early every morning and gingerly
Checks on its status."Our bulb is treated with a certain reverence,"

Loy Proudfoot

"There are times at night when you can walk out in the bay with all the lights out, and you know, that bulb gives out just enough light you can see your way around. We love this light"


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