Livermore Herald News'
Mike Dunstan


Photos by Jones & Bunn

Last June I was contacted by Mike Dunstan, formerly of the Livermore Herald News, who was the reporter that investigated and broke the news to the world about our lights history!
So Dick Jones and I headed up to Sacremento to have a chat with Mike to glean some more facts from him, and hear his story.
Mike took us to a nearby coffee shop where he shared the original notes he took from the 1972 news story, and the original two photographs. He also relayed the story that he spent a few hours being interviewed by Charles Kuralt, and he showed us the picture he snapped of himself on his tv screen. Too bad the Vanderbilt Library had the shortened version.
After our chat we went over to our state capital and took a few pictures of Mike with the photos. It was a great day, and very special time meeting this amazing journalist.
Newsflash! Mike has agreed to write a retrospective article using his old notes and new research in celebration of the 110th b-day, almost four decades after his first article. Amazing!

Mike's Pictures

Mike's Visit to Livermore

Everyone Signs!

On the truck, the Bulb over his shoulder

Mike visits with Lynn Owens

Lynn & Mike as the Bulb looks on

Mike back at the Old Station 1

Looking at the Mural, pointing at the Bulb in oil

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