Karin Steinberger

Photos by Dick Jones
& Steve Bunn

In May I was contacted by Karin Steinberger, the feature editor for Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the leading newspaper paper in Germany.She asked to come over to learn about the bulb first hand, and to interview the people taking care of it.
True to her word she spent a week here interviewing comittee members, firemen, and our town historian. It was an enjoyable time for all in sharing our stories and learning a bit about Germany from Karin.
The photos below are from her first visit to fire station 6, the folks she met, and a lunch we shared with her the next day. From the stories she gathered from everyone I imagine she could write a book. Instead we can look forward to an amazing full page news article in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung.
Karin, we will all be expecting you to come back for the 110 birthday party in 2011! Only this time, for fun!

Steve Bunn

Pictured above;
1&2: Ret Div Chief Lynn Owens, Battalion Chief Sabina Imrie, Karin,
Battalion Chief Jane Moorhead, and Fireman Pierre Rodrigueze
3&4: Ret Div Chief Lynn Owens, Karin, Chief, and Dick Jones
5&6: Karin on the fire truck next to the bulb, and at lunch with the bulb committee.



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