Robyn Sinclair

Photo by Doug Jorgensen

I picked up Robyn at about 9:00 at Bart. It was still hazy so we went and had coffee at the airport and then went flying a half hour later. It was a fun flight and Robyn enjoyed it. After that we went wine tasting and then lunch at Wente's Golf Club House. Then off to the light bulb. Shot lots of pictures and I will post them to the web later tonight or tomorrow. The photographer from the Independent gave me all of his pictures also. When we post them on the site we can give him photo credit because he got some great shots. His name is Doug Jorgensen. Oh by the way Robyn was overwhelmed with our reception for her.

Dick Jones

Photos by Doug Jorgensen


To my dearest new Friends in Livermore,

I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the warmth and welcome I received yesterday. I had such a wonderful time meeting you all and experiencing the BULB in all it’s glory (not to mention I feel like I have acquired an extended Family :).

From Flying (John you are the best), to trying to drive Dick’s truck (I think I have developed a complex Dick), to Wine Testing (Anna, you are a truly inspiring Woman) to seeing the Bulb and being welcomed into the Fire Station (Tom, if I find shots of my ladder ascent on the net, I’m gonna kill you :), it was all such a magical day.

Robyns Valley Tour by Plane

Robyn at the Plane

Robyn & John

Robyn & Dick

Robyn as Co-Pilot 1

Robyn as Co-Pilot 2


More Windmills

Del Valle

Lunch with the Committee

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Lunch was at the Wente's Golf Club House. Great food and a wonderful view of Livermores rolling hills. Those of us who could make it were from left to right;

Dick Jones. Anna Siig, Tim Sage, Robyn Sinclair, Tom Brammel, and Gary Drummond.

Centennial Bulb

After lunch Robyn and the committee headed for Fire Station 6 where she met Doug Jorgensen of the Livermore Independant Newspaper, the Firemen of Station 6, and a Boys Choir from from a private school who were taking the tour. After talking with boys, most who turned out to be fans of Mythbusters, Robyn had the great privelege to stand on a ladder next to the bulb for the photo shoot.

What a great day!!!

Robyns' Close Encounters of the Bulb Kind

Photos by Dick Jones

With the Committee Robyn next to Awards Robyn with Station 6 crew Photo Shoot 1
Photo Shoot 2 Photo Shoot 3 Photo Shoot 4 Photo Shoot 5
Boys Choir Visit 1 Boys Choir Visit 2 Boys Choir Visit 3 Boys Choir Visit 4

Robyns' Greetings to Home & MythBusters on BulbCam


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