Miami Herald................Nov. 28, 1974

Light bulb accepted

It's official!

Ed McWhiter, editor of the "Guinness Book of World Rrecords,"
Has accepted the "Livermore light bulb" as the longest burning
Bulb on earth, and will enter it in the upcoming "Book of
World Records" publication.

Since the story of the old bulb was first released by the Herald &
News Jan. 13, there had been no "official" recognition of the bulb
As the longest burning in the world eclipsing the previous record
Of 68 years by a bulb in the Place Theater in Fort Worth, Tex.

According to the Jan. 13 story, the bulb was first put into continual
Use in 1902 and has burned continuously, night and day, for 70 years -
And it's still burning.

The old globe still hangs from the raftors in the fire department
Apparatus room, and may be viewed by visitors.

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